Protecta - IPC Training Resources from Sodexo


These infection prevention & control (IPC) digital training resources are designed for use with Sodexo frontline staff (cleaning and non-cleaning) and by supervisory & managerial staff.  Modules 1 and 2 are designed to be used primarily as part of their mandatory ‘face to face’ training for all staff. Module 3 is a digital resource to be completed by more senior supervisory or managerial staff in the form of online/self-directed learning. Each module comprises of the core content, a knowledge test, the test answer sheet and a certificate of completion.

Product / Technology Description

Protecta is Sodexo’s evidence-based infection prevention approach for hospitals which brings together highly trained frontline teams, best in class range of cleaning solutions relevant to infection risk, with a focus on outcomes. 

Module 1 explains why IPC is important, how micro-organisms are spread and ways we can prevent the spread of infection, common Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI), correct hand hygiene technique and when we should perform hand hygiene, the purpose of PPE in IPC and how to don and doff correctly, how to handle and segregate waste safely and correctly and the role chemicals play in preventing the spread of infection

Module 2 develops on knowledge from level 1 and covers antimicrobial resistance, impact of infections on patients, how cleaning can affect transmission of microorganisms, the stages of decontamination, cleaning terminology commonly used in health and care environments, chain of infection, the national standards of healthcare cleanliness and why we audit.

Module 3 is broken down into smaller sections covering more detail and the topics delivered are managing risk, microbiology and infection prevention and control, managing client relationships including the role of each stakeholder in reducing infection, behaviours and expectations and how this can impact patients and stakeholders. This final module also contains links to allow candidates an opportunity to undertake further research or study if they so wish.

Each module has learning tests to ensure understanding of the subject materials

IPS Review Panel Comments

The IPC modules are designed to be integrated into the wider Protecta training and development pathway that Sodexo have developed for their employees. The intention to provide specialised IPC content is commendable and something that IPS would in principle fully support.