Colour-coded dispenser for Clinell wipe products

Product/Technology Description

A new style colour-coded dispenser for Clinell wipe products including the Universal (green), Sporicidal (red) and Detergent (white) ranges. The wall mounted dispensers allow for the convenient and accessible placement of Clinell decontamination wipes in clinical areas. The wipes are used for the routine decontamination of hard surfaces and non-invasive care equipment by healthcare professionals and thus convenient placement will aid usage and promote effective decontamination.

Review Panel Comments

This product of itself will not reduce infection; however, it will by enabling convenient placement of wipes in strategic positions prompt and promote the use of effective surface decontamination products. The product itself introduced into clinical areas should present no infection risks; the product is yet to be tested. There is no cost to users of this product. Use and placement of this product throughout a facility will need careful consideration if the benefits are to be realised.