Bard Foley Catheterisation Tray

Product/Technology Description

The BARD® Tray is a compact procedure tray which contains all the components necessary for carrying out a urinary catheterisation procedure in an aseptic manner.  The indwelling catheter is pre-connected to the urine collection system with the connection sealed at the point of sterilisation. The technology consists of the following options:

  • Bardia® PTFE coated latex 12-16ch Standard and Female length
  • Biocath® Hydrogel coated latex 12 – 16ch Standard and Female length
  • Lubrisil® Hydrogel coated silicone 12 – 16ch Standard and Female length
  • Bardex® I.C. Hydrogel and silver alloy coated latex 12 – 16ch Standard and Female length
  • All options are available with choice of 2ltr Bed bag, 500ml Leg Bag or Urine Meter.

BARD® Trays can be used in any clinical setting. Being a closed system, the catheter and the urine collection bag can stay connected for up to 14 days. No disconnection is required.


Review Panel Comments

This product is designed to optimise the human factors associated with the procedure of urinary catheterisation. The impact of its use has been tested and published. The data show associations with reductions in:

  • the time taken to perform (and prepare) for the procedure,
  • errors – particularly omission errors
  • infection risks – reduced manipulation of equipment,
  • infections – evidenced in 2 studies,
  • overall costs.

The theory supporting these results is as follows:

  • It is easier to perform the procedure correctly as all the right products are in the pack, they are sterile and there is less opportunity for omission error.
  • By performing the procedure correctly there is less opportunity to introduce infection (e.g. the bag is preconnected to the catheter.
  • There is less time needed to prepare and perform the procedure.
  • Reducing risk and optimising catheter use will reduce infections.

The contents are listed. The producers are mindful of both EPIC3 and the latest research from Australia which may change the contents overtime.
This product is approved by the IPS.

Supporting references:
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