How It Works

The programme is open to any commercial organisation with products or technologies in the HCAI-related space upon application to IPS who will evaluate submissions against a criteria list.

Expert Review

The expert review will be carried out by a highly experienced IPS member or appointee of equal standing from the NHS. The names of the IPS Expert shall not be made public to avoid any issues concerning undue or unfair influence.

IPS Experts shall meet four times in each year to review submissions and their decision concerning the evaluation of products and technologies shall be private and no communication other than that prescribed herein will be entered into by IPS's appointed experts or on behalf of any IPS Expert.


Corporate organisations making a submission to the IPS Expert do so in the full knowledge that the IPS nor its members or agents or the employers of its members bear any liability or responsibility for any impact or effect caused or not caused through involvement by the commercial organisation in engaging in this process. Any information provided or given to and by the IPS is given in good faith and no reliance should be made of any such information and commercial organisations are duty bound to take professional advice as to its validity.   

The IPS Expert will adjudicate on the information provided and may call for further and better particulars from commercial organisations if they feel it necessary and such requests will be made through


The IPS Expert is free to adopt any method of evaluation against the above-mentioned criteria and the decisions of the IPS Expert is final. There is no method of appeal against the decisions of the IPS Expert nor is the IPS Expert obliged to explain its decisions. 

No liability whatsoever is held by the IPS Expert or the employers of the IPS Expert or the IPS either jointly or severally for any consequence concerning the use or not of this process of endorsement or any feedback or the lack of any feedback provided or not provided and the Applicant should not rely on any part thereof save in the instance that they do so on their own volition and in the knowledge that any use or not of the feedback or the public display of information concerning the product or technology shall be at their entire own risk.