Become an Industry Partner

  1. Applicants to the Industry Insights Programme must complete and submit the application form and an acknowledgement will be made.
  2. The IPS Expert is empowered to meet face to face or by any other means with commercial organisations if they feel it necessary in making the necessary judgement concerning the product or technology
  3. Successful applicants will be advised within three weeks following the IPS Expert advising IPS that endorsement may be awarded. 
  4. Where applications are not successful a short explanation from the IPS Expert will be provided.
  5. The IPS will post an endorsement of the successful product / technology or education / training programme on its web site within one month of being advised by the IPS Expert.


  •  A fee is payable with the application to the Industry Insights Programme of £650 + VAT (£780 inc VAT).
  • A subsequent fee of £1500 + VAT (£1800 inc VAT) is payable prior to a successful applicant having an endorsement hosted on the IPS web site. If you wish to pay the fee for an endorsed hosting please click here. 
  • The IPS will manage all fees through Fitwise Ltd
  • The endorsed product/technology or training/education programme shall continue to be hosted on the IPS web site for a period of two years from insertion or until such time as any qualifying data or consideration applied by the IPS Expert becomes invalid at which time it shall be taken down.
  • Reapplications are permitted.

Application Forms for IPS Endorsement Programme